Modern Technology for Eco-Friendly Living

Multi-racial couple standing in front of house

Technology is playing a crucial role in making homes greener through various innovations and advancements. Ways technology is contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly homes include smart home automation, energy-efficient appliances, use of renewable energy sources, energy management apps, smart lighting solutions, water conservation technologies, use of advanced construction materials and sustainable architectural designs that focus on energy efficiency, the use of eco-friendly materials to reduce the environmental impact of home construction, smart waste management systems that help homeowners recycle effectively and reduce overall waste, and Internet Of Things (IOT) sensors that can optimize energy consumption by monitoring and adjusting various parameters like temperature, humidity, and occupancy in real time.

Home buyers are seeking homes that could potentially reduce their carbon footprints according to a study by the National Association of Realtors. According to this study, 32% of respondents (NAR members) use green data fields in their MLS to promote energy-efficient features. 63% consider energy efficiency promotion in listings valuable, and 48% noted client interest in sustainability. Homes with green certifications spend a similar amount of time on the market, and 74% reported availability of properties with solar panels.

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